GDS Open Door With VPK


Hi, after a couple of days working around this GDS3710 i have it working!
But i still need a function: A VPK for door opening, “call indipendend”, like a phisical door opener, is possible?

i have tried to configurae a vpk “GDS OpenDoor”

with value “pincode#” but it don’t works, when i press the VPK it tries to compose the pincode as extension.



What phones are you using?


hi thanks for reply
i have a couple of GXP1782
one GXP2170
and some GRP2613

and a GRP2616 too


use speed dial with the star code to open the door.


number to dial? *pincode# ?


i have tried: *gds_extension * pincode#
does’t work


Hi Mr. Michele,

You can use dial dtmf and pin code but before that you must enable dtmf open door. For more information, you can see GDS3710_UserManual (page 65 - remote pin to open the door and page 66 - enable dtmf open door) on this link below :

I hope this can answer your question

Best Regards,



Whilst you are on a call with the door phone - you need to use a speed dial key with DTMF action to send the star code over the call.

Talk with @damiano70 for local assistance.


i need to open the door when not in call, during the call i can view the softbutton and it works.


RE: But i still need a function: A VPK for door opening, “call indipendend”, like a phisical door opener, is possible?

YOU CAN ONLY SEND THE CODE TO THE DOOR during a call. So id suggest to use a press button, a cable direct tp the gds3710, connect to the “no” contacts of it and program it for door open.


Only possibility on grp handsets


i have tried it, don’t works…


Set the Mode to GDS OpenDoor, take the account you use for signaling (in my case I have a separate account to generate a dingdong) put in the description “open door” or “shit if works” or something like that.
In value you have to put the extension number of your GDS Doorstation and not the opening dtmf code.
Perhaps you have to whitelist this extension in your GDS, too - to allow a call from ext to GDS.
If that all does´t work, I suggest to get your devices to the latest FW.
Regards Michael


thanks, it works, not in the expected way, but works
this function calls the GDS3710 , send the dtmf code end drops the call.
The needed scenario is: someone ring at doorbell, Receptions phones rings, nobody is in reception, if someone hear the doorbell can send the open command.
i must try if works when the 3710 is busy to call recetion phones.