GDS Manager - Is 70 devices really the limit?


I’ve used a myriad of access control systems over the last 20 years and just joined with a company using GDS Manager and the GDS3710 door boxes. We’re expanding and I’m being told by the software that I’ve reached the limit. Seriously? 70 readers is the max? Before I head to the CEO and tell them I’m gutting all of them and replacing the entire system, is there some other management platform that can handle more than 70 of the 3710’s? We don’t even utilize the video or SIP functions. We literally just need keycard management and PIN pad functionality.


Ask GS directly via helpdesk.


Been there, done it. They say 70 is it. Was hoping some forum member may have found a config file change or something else that would allow for more. Looks like I’ll be throwing this whole setup out.


You can do it via config files without soft (cannot test but should be possible).
As for logs, virtualization and multiple instances :confused:


Please share your email and contact to me. I think we have a test build which can relax the number to 200, provide that you have a very good computer hardware as well as Gigabit ethernet. Otherwise it also will not work because all the video streaming need to be software decoded by that computer running this piece of software utility.

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