GDS Manager feature



I would like to see a few more features added to GDS Manger. In our case we have a lot of different doors into our facility and we would like to group the gds keypads to those doors into groups so we can have our main doors accessed separate from less used doors, also it would be very handy to sync member groups with keypads as well instead of the whole list. That we way we could sync the groups of employees we want with the keypads we want them to be able to access our facility through.


We are glad to help if could, but need to understand your application more.

Could you help to elaborate a little more in details about this. For example, Door 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., each have different RFID cards? what group need what? A few screenshots or drawings to illustrate will be big help to understand.

Thank you very much.


What I am looking for is grouping door 1,2,3,4 into one group and doors 5,6,7 into another. Then I would take the groups (VS, Admin) that I have in place and sync them with the keypad groups. See attached document.