GDS Keyfob and doorbell


I have 3 GDS3710 systems in use for bungalowparks and every set of bungalowkeys had a fob for the entrance door. The people that do not have normal access have to use the doorbell option so that one of the employees can buzz the door. In the evening the doorbell call is forwarded to a mobile. It sometimes happens that people who hold their keyfob in front of the GDS also press the bell button.
Result: the guests will enter and somebody receives a fony call. Any way to prevent this?


Not sure, It may depend on a timing sequence of which is done first. If they press the button first and before the GDS is able to recognize the FOB, then I tend to think it would be doubtful that anything could be done.

If, on the other hand, the FOB is presented first, then it begs the question of why the bell button is being pushed? That aside, I wonder if the FOB is pushed and the FOB is valid and the lock released, if pushing the button still results in the phone call? I do not have one, so no opportunity to test.