GDS Digital Input as additional doorbell button



Digital Inputs should be used as additional Doorbell key / trigger so that given doorbell button which is integrated in Mailbox can be used to trigger normal Doorbell function.

Feature Request - Alarm Input
Feature Request - Alarm Input


Could you elaborate a little bit more in details to help understanding your application scene better? What you really want to implement or want to do in your application scene?

If you are talking about already existed analogue door bell, you can still connect it to GDS3710 Alarm_In_1 port and in the “Basic Settings” select “Doorbell Mode” from pull down menu to be “Doorbell Output Control (Digital Output 1)” or “Both Above”, then when visitors press the “doorbell”, when GDS3710 ringing or calling the configured SIP extensions or IP addresses, the connected analogue Ringbell will ring at the same time (for places already having the analogue ring bell).

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!


No, i don’t need an additional doorbell, I want to integrate an already existing button / switch to one of the GDS3710’s existing Digital Inputs. So whenever a visitor pushes the GDS3710 “doorbell” or the already existing button, the GDS3710 should act the same.

The already installed button looks like this:
The GDS3710 is installed one step away and I want to connect that button to the Digital Input of the GDS3710 (so that single button isn’t dead any more).


I see. That button seems to be for mailman.

Yes, you can do that. Just wiring that button to the Alarm_In 1 interface as alarm input when button pressed, then in the “Alarm Events Config”, the "Digit Input 1’ or “Digit Input 2” (depending which port connected to the button), select it as “Alarm Input” (default is disabled), and configure the working schedule of this port. Then in the “Alarm Action Setting”, select a Profile and select “Audio Alarm to SIP Phone”, and configure “Alarm Phone List” to input the SIP extension numbers when this button pressed. The person who answers the SIP phone call can press remote PIN to open door for this button after see it (video phone) or talking to the person (audio IP phone).

Hope this helps and explains, although the configuration is a little complicated, but this should work.

Feel free to contact me if you have further question. Thank you for using GDS3710!


Yes - works like a charm!

Thanks for the instructions, I assumed that “Audio Alarm to SIP Phone” just does an internal call (e.g. with a preprogrammed audio file) to a SIP extention which is not noticable by a person standing in front of the GDS3710 (like a silence alert over SIP) - so I never tested that alarm type.

Indeed this just initiates a normal phone call to the given SIP list :slight_smile:


Great! Happy to know it is working and meets your requirement.

Again, thank you for using GDS3710!


Me again.

Next time I should test all scenarios completely …

Triggering the doorbell via an external button described as above (Digital Input, Alarm to SIP Phone) does work, the person in front of the door will hear a ringing tone, when the phone call is picked up the person (in front of the GDS3710) will hear all spoken words, BUT:
At the phone you cannot hear the person in front of the door (standing at the GDS3710), only an annoying alarm sound is played.

So can you just edit the firmware in a later version to meet my requirement (e.g. ability to deactivate the alarm sound and act just a normal bidirectional SIP call from the GDS3710, so the two people can talk to each other)?

Update: Just found the Configuration checkbox “Enable two-way SIP Calling” … shame on me.


Using Digital Input for the external button (and triggering a SIP Phone alarm) also initiates the SIP call and rings forever until someone picks up the phone - there is no ringing timeout.


Just want to advise you to check the “Enable two-way SIP Calling” in the setting, you already find it.Good!

Actually even if you not enable this feature, you press “ANY” key from the phone the pre-recorded alarm sound should be stopped.

No ring time out is purposely doing this on this feature. Because this is “Alarm” triggered call, we disabled the time out (but if having IPPBX, the IPPBX should controls the ring no answer timer). Not sure if any change will cause issue to users who use this feature as real alarm. Any way, if this is the alarm call or the call to ask opening door, the callee should pick up the call right?

Please advise. Thank you for using GDS3710!


Ring timeout could be a problem for some users.
The PBX integrated into my router has no timeout (or at least let it ring for several minutes) - I canceled this test after 3 minutes or so. If the callee is at home, the call will be answered, right. But when nobody is at home the alarm call will last forever.

Luckily I have an asterisk PBX for my phones so I can easily control the timeout.

But avoiding all the problems with kind of misusing the alarm input as normal trigger, wouldn’t it be easy to extend the posibilities of the digital inputs, having a third option, “Alarm Input”, “Open Door” and “Doorbell Button”? So on triggering the input as configured (NO or NC) just the same function as pressing the doorbell button is called, which is already implemented.



Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. Will pass this to the engineering for consideration.