GDS 3710 With 3rd Party



I configured GDS3710 with cisco call manager for video calling. Audio call is working fine. But video call is displaying black screen.

Please suggest??

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Could yo try using GXV3275 to call via Cisco CM to see what happened? I recall Cisco CM not support video by default until you twist it. But I could be wrong.


is there any way u can post ur config, i have a codec problem if i call from cisco to grandstream it work but if i call from gransstream to cisco i cant hear anything


@cyber_shady: Please capture wireshark packet trace and open a support ticket with “Help Desk”.

As far as I knew, it depends on which version of CCM (Cisco Call Manager) you are using. Cisco is very user unfriendly toward 3rd party for business reason. Please try adjust H.264 profile as well as payload type to see whether it will work. GDS3710 FW1.0.7.4 just added “H.264 payload type” in SIP advanced setting tab to allow user to adjust the parameters to interoperate with 3rd party IPPBX or Proxy.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream products!