GDS 3710 which Key Fob or Wristband buy


Hi, Someone knows which keyfob or wristband I need to buy which works with 3710.
I ve bought three differents brands of key fob and wristband to be used to open GDS3710
Frequency 125MHZ but at the moment I try to program them does not work, but It works with another keyfob from an old access control system

Thanks I hope someone has the right answer and could help me and more people who will try to add mor in the future


Grandstream is providing GDS accessories via resellers and distributors, the technical information is on website:

For the RFID card or FOB, it should be 125KHz, EM4100 Compatible as mentioned in the GDS3710 datasheet:

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.