GDS 3710 only locks door after shutting door twice


When using the keypad to release the lock it works OK however, the electric door strike does not re-lock after 5 seconds. If you open and shut the door again it locks. Has anybody else experienced this have have any ideas? I am using a Dorcas branded door strike.

Thank you


What is the mode of the strike, NO or NC? Is the NO or NC wiring correct matched to your strike? If remove the GDS and directly apply voltage signal to the strike, will it work as expected?


thank you for your response. I hope this answers the question. The door strike is set to be always closed. I would have to speak to our techs more about the installation but I am very sure that wired all of the pin outs as per your diagram as it didn’t work the first time (ie did not release) and when we changed the pin outs it worked. During the installation process we did do some tests bypassing the 3710 to make sure that the door release was working OK and it did.

I can’t say for sure whether this error has happened from day one or whether it has only happened since we upgraded to the latest firmware.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Sas from Alloy - your distributor here in Australia has logged this ticket as well I believe. I’m happy to give you remote access or do a teamviewer session if that helps.

Regards Tim


@TimClose: Based on your description, the strike seems to be Normal Close or NC, therefore you need to wire the COM2/NC port based on QIG:

The wiring diagram please refer to this one:

You may need connect a protection diode in the circuit:

Also, I don’t know what is the current consumption of the strike, Please do NOT let strike to suck juice from GDS3710 and the strike has to have its own power source.

I don’t have the issue you experienced. From the description, I guess maybe you can check following things:

  1. Wiring and connection: Make sure the connection is good and wiring is correct.
  2. Make sure the strike using its own power source.
  3. Make sure the total length of the cable will not over 120 meters.

If you are using hosted IPPBX, please try comparing open door using direct IP call in the same LAN to rule out issue might involved by IPPBX.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.


thanks again for your help.

I am asking our installation guys to check your wiring diagram again. We do have a separate power supply - I think it’s 2.5 amp. I am sure it’s more than required as we purchased one specifically. We’re no where near those distances you mentioned either.

Might take me a few days to respond but really appreciate your help.

Regards Tim