GDMS Updated


For those who didn’t notice, we have a new GDMS version. Here’s a few changes:

  • New EU region
  • Enhanced sidebar
  • More models (GXP21, HT8xx, GXV3380-50 are there now, pending compatible firmware)


I see most of our devices now showing offline which they are not.

Any idea if this has to do with the new version?

Also, what firmware version is required for GXP-2135 to be managed by GDMS?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We currently released GDMS platform Beta online. We improved the GDMS UIs, added EU regional server, supported more device models in GDMS platform, and etc. For more improvements details, users could go to GDMS platform “About GDMS” to check the Release Note of GDMS

For the devices offline issue, could you send your offline devices’ MAC addresses to us? Then, we could check the issue in GDMS platform server side. Users do not need to do anything with the new version to use your compatible devices with GDMS platform.

For GXP2135, the status compatible status is “ (TBD)”, which means we will support it with GDMS platform soon in a few weeks. We are wait for GXP2135 team to release the firmware officially. Let me know if you have any further question.

Thank you!


I have GXP2140 which I have provisioned on GDMS platform, but it is showing offline. What will be the reason of it?
The mac of my phone is 000b827a6b2c.


Interestingly I just tried putting my 2135 on to GDMS. I was able to add it through Device->Device List->Add Device. Its showed as online and I was able to reboot it.
It’s on fw


From what I’ve read, the GXP21xx series a new firmware in the process of being released is needed to make this work.


That was my understanding but as you can see it seems to work with on a GXP2135. I can reboot and reset the handset from GDMS


That’s great news!


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We checked your GXP2140 from GDMS server side, and we did not see any message showing that your device connects to GDMS server. Could you let us know the firmware version of your GXP2140? Did you do factory reset during the test? Please note that we did not announce the compatible firmware version of GXP21xx, and we will announce the compatible firmware of GXP21xx before GA. For Beta test, you can try to use latest Beta firmware version of GXP21xx to test.

Thank you!


Any news on GXP-2135 being supported by GDMS?


GPXP21XX is present on GDMS Cloud, you need the updated fw



Yes, I have reset the phone and then tried again, but same issue. My GXP2140 firmware version is But GXP2170 is provisioned through GDMS successfully, having fw


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We have not announced the compatible firmware for GXP21xx series yet, which means we still work on preparing the compatible firmware for GXP21xx series. For Beta testing, GXP21xx is stable, and Beta testers could use this firmware to test GDMS platform services. If you encounter any compatible issue, please let us know and we will resolve the issue asap. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!