Gdms tr-069


I have installed a few phones to client’s sites and have added MAC addresses and serial numbers to GDMS. Unfortunately, I never added the ACS url and the MAC address to the TR-069 setting in Maintenance. When I log into the phone in GDMS, I cannot find the TR-069 programming section in maintenance. IS it somewhere or is it NOT there anywhere?


do not mention model and fw of the phone



it is a GXP-2135. I selected the phone in device management, choose the icon that looks like a valve handle, went to the maintenance drop down and there is NO TR-069 fields


on the GDMS side you can’t find them because in my opinion GDMS itself compiles them automatically


I know how to do it on the phone. When the phone is on site and I log into GDMS and the device, I want \ to add to the maintenance section of the GDMS software. There is NO TR-069 drop down in the GDMS platform


GDMS does not do it automatically. That is why the phone is always provisioning I think


Another issue is I have a new 2135. I do a factory reset. Not connected to the internet, The GDMS does not know the phone exists. The MAC & serial number are not shown in device or voip account. I plug the phone into the internet and the phone stays blank EXCEPT a PW is installed in account 1 password, TR-069 password and upgrade and provisioning config server password. WHY IS THAT HAPPENING, I have factory rest the phone SIX (6) times, unplugged from the internet and the same issue keeps happening.


I have no problem with GDMS / GXP2135


That does not help me solve the issue


this is a forum, Grandstream support can be found at the link above


I am not sure if this is the latest manual, so you may want to check.

My take is that the tr-69 needs to be enabled first as it is listed as a pre-requisite. Then as you follow the guide as to how to add a device and provision same, the relevant info is automatically populated into the devices. I see no specific settings, like you, that address such.

As to the other, I can possibly envision two scenarios -

  1. The phone is seen by whatever SIP server and configured accordingly. Keep in mind that this is purely a guess as no mention of what PBX is made, so I am assuming a UCM and such is also the SIP server with GDMS.
  2. The phone was purchased from an alternative source and still has a config lurking about that is being picked up. Look to see if the config server setting in the phone is populated. Depending on what that source was, a factory reset may not affect that setting.


If a device did not have the TR-069 settings initially and you have already deployed it you can still add these settings to the phone remotely through zero config. Use the P-codes and add the ACS URL and enable TR-069. When the phone reboots it should show up in GDMS as long as you have programmed the MAC/SN in GDMS.

I hope this helps.



First upgrade the GXP2135 to the official firmware and then you will be able to get the option of TR-069 in the phone.