GDMS - The Sticker Mac and the Actual Mac off by 1


Hello All,

Anyone know why two, brand new phones would have the sticker mac and the actual mac off by 1?

When I look at the phone in Zero Config, and if I log into the phone, the last digit (5) is 1 higher than the last digit on the sticker (4 obviously).

If I try to add the phone to GDMS using the sticker MAC and S/N, I can add the device but not control it.

If I try to add the phone using the actual MAC and changing the last digit of the S/N, I cannot add the phone.

Is there a way to get the S/N from the phone? Download the config or something? It’s a GXV3370.



Best bet IMHO would be to open a help desk ticket or perhaps call the distributor to get them to straighten it out.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! For the MAC difference issue, could you kindly help to confirm if you are using Wi-Fi network in this case? Please refer to the device MAC address on the sticker on the device body.

For the device cannot be controlled issue, could you kindly help to describe the details of the issue? If you can associate the device to GDMS platform, you should be able to manage the device normally.

For the device’s S/N, you may need to contact the distributor to check the S/N. The S/N is required to associate the device to GDMS platform, this is a design to protect the users’ privacy.

Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Yes, 2 port units with router have 2 macs.
GS use LAN MAC, then i think you get problem :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, Marcin!

Even though the 2 MACs are for different connection methods, but the data from the device to GDMS platform will depend on the MAC on the sticker. Thank you for your testing.

Thank you!