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I am using and testing Gdms for the new 2600 series. I can provision and program each device. I just cant figure out how to make a template that can say program 20 grp2613 phones in one shot with the same configurations . And also even if I want to make a slight change to some phones, it is still easier to use a template ,and then make 1 or 2 small changes to device , than to program each device from scratch .


On the template you created, under options you should see an arrow that says Push Configuration Update. You should be able to push the template to all the phones you need too.


I realize I made a mistake . I never created a template . I just configured the device directly . Now I cant figure out how to save that to a template . I could manually copy the settings for that model to a template ,then save it and then I guess I can update all the same models as you suggested .


When I wrote configured device directly , I meant that I configured through the GDMS . Just didnt use template . Went to device and opened up the settings , and then hit save and it automatically uploads the settings to the phone .


You can switch to the text editor to copy the P-codes from the device itself to a Model Template.

Then switch back to GUI and all your settings will be copied.


Dear users,

Thank you all for using GDMS platform! Users can create template by model, by group, by CFG. The solution given by user “fmarcoux96” is by CFG, and you can also create your own template by Model/by Group in GDMS platform. You can go to Template -> By Model/By Group, select the model/group, then set the preferred configuration parameters in the template, and create the template in your GDMS account. Then, you can use them to provision devices via GDMS. For more details, please kindly go to GDMS platform, and download the GDMS Administration Guide for more details and operation steps.

Let me know if you encounter any issue during testing. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!