GDMS settings do not equal device settings or options


GRP26xx phones have 10 built-in ring tones. Unfortunately the GDMS web interface only shows options for the first 3.

@GSSupport74 can GDMS be upgraded to reflect this? It is quite frustrating in how the phone web GUIs have more settings than GDMS. If GDMS is going to reach its full potential this needs to be addressed IMHO.


Dear user,

Thank you for testing GDMS platform! The new GRP26xx firmware supports 10 ring tones and GDMS platform will support all built-in ring tones soon. We will improve this issue soon. Thanks for your suggestions and testing!

Thank you!


Note that the WP810 is missing a lot of settings and also cannot push it to I tried.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! We will improve the WP810 missing settings in the default template in the GDMS platform. For the upgrading issue, we noticed that your WP810 has been upgraded to in the GDMS platform. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I never said it didn’t upgrade.

I said it wouldn’t provision. It was saying Configuration Failed on GDMS with the error “Invalid file type”.


I think they interpreted the statement “missing a lot of settings and also cannot push it to I tried.” as meaning that you could not upgrade the device to There was nothing using the word provision or configuration in the statement.

I too read it that way.


Dear user,

Thank you for all your feedback! We checked this provisioning issue from server side, and based on the logs, we need to contact CPE to check this issue and we cannot resolve this issue from GDMS platform side. I will let you know once we have a conclusion. Thank you for your testing!

Thank you!


Wow, so that’s really a deep bug lol it worked before but not since the latest beta firmware.

Please keep me updated and let me know if you need me to run some tests.


Thanks for your help and testing! I will let you know once we have any solutions or conclusions.

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thanks for your feedback and testing! We noticed that there is a bug for WP810 in the current GDMS platform, which caused the “Invalid File Type” issue in your case. We will try to improve it in WP810/GDMS platform asap. WP810 is not an announced recommended firmware version for WP810 in the current GDMS platform ( is the recommended firmware version), please downgrade your WP810 to and you will not encounter such issue in the current GDMS platform. We will try to resolve this issue asap. Thanks!

Thank you!


How does the GDMS Templates affect the local and phone config. I noticed that if provision a Programmable Key in the Template, Save then Push to a phone it will show up but if remove that Programmable key from the Template and push it will not be removed from the phone. I can only modify it’s settings from the template. So, in short I am confused on how to properly use templates. My assumption is that I would make a template change and all models for that template would show such change but it seem the phones template does not change until the template is pushed. I also assume that when I push a template to a phone that the phone will reflect those settings but it does not.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! If you want to delete the MPK through the GDMS platform, you can push the empty value for the MPK to the device and the MPK in the device will be removed. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Did not work for me. I went to the phones config, removed MPK, Save, the saw the message it was pushing the config and nothing happens on the phone. GRP2614, I can add new MPK’s.


So, first test was to just disable MPK, that did not work so I enabled MPK and left the value empty. That did work. So simply unchecking the MPK (disable) does not push any data. I would expect the newly pushed config to represent such change.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, users need to check the option and push the empty value to the MPK to remove the MPK. Simply uncheck the option cannot make this change since it means that GDMS platform will not push any value to this option in the device. We will consider your suggestion in the GDMS platform future release. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!