GDMS programing keys


Hello All,

I think I’m just missing something here. I’m playing with GDMS, I can setup a template and push the info to a 2170 and get the account working but, I can’t figure out how to program keys.

Could someone let me know the steps? Can this only be done by uploading a config file?



BLF or softkeys?


Hello @fmarcoux96 both actually.

I can do the backend config, settings, network, maintenance, and such but, i can’t seem to figure out how to program a key.


Under settings for the device or template do you not see Programmable Keys? Scroll to the bottom for the Virtual keys.


I see the issue (i think). I’m setting up a group of 4 phones, I’ve been looking under Template - By Group. If I setup a template under By Model, I see those options.

Going to Settings - Programmable keys under the group template, all I see is…

I’m assuming this is a Global Template vs Model template thing.

Is this correct? Am I supposed to setup the Group Template without the common keys and setup the common keys on every phone or is there an option I’m missing to setup a group template with the keys programmed.

Keeping in mind, I may simply be misunderstanding the best practice.


You don’t need to setup a group template. Looks like the group template only have the general settings and are applied by device. The models templates have all the settings and are applied by site.


Dear users,

Thank you all for testing GDMS platform! In “By group” module, it only includes the common settings for all models, which means the settings in group template could be pushed into all devices and the settings are valid for all models. In your case, it is recommended to use “By Model” module to configure the MPKs, as Zak706 claimed. Thank you all for your help!

Thank you!


We plan on setting up a bunch of 2615 in an office but the blf fields on each phone will be a little different ,as we dont want a blf mok fir the users own extension and also different users will have different blf on the first page. I guess there us no way to automate this. I could probably automate all the other settings ,but I would probably manually have to change the mpk blf fields in the GDMS for each phone .


So, spit balling here. Should I be in a situation where I’m setting up a customer with multiple sites, I could use “By Group” to setup standard items across all phones, use “By Model” to setup the items that are different between the offices and add the final config for the buttons.

Eg. if the phones are all in the same time zone, I could setup the time in the “By Group” template but, if the phones are across different time zones, I could configure the time settings in the “By Model” template.

Is there another purpose for the by group?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! If the BLF settings, or time zone settings are different for the models, users still can use “By group” menu to configure these devices, but users need to create multiple group for these devices. For example, you have 10 devices in time zone A, and 10 devices in time zone B, you can create two groups templates and push the templates to the corresponding group to configure the devices. “By group” template is used for the devices which should be configured with same settings, and it only sorts by models, not site. Therefore, when the user creates a group template, the user needs to select the model series for the group template. If your devices need to be configured with different BLF settings, or some settings should be different, you can create multiple group templates, or create different templates for each device, or push the created template to each device manually. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!