GDMS port?


I had tried searching something along these lines on here. But does GDMS use a certain port to get to the phones that should be opened if the device is on a vlan that doesn’t allow internet traffic, from the phone? We haven’t tested it yet on the network in question, if the phones get out across the internet by some other means and the MAC address is already visible on the internet. I had tried doing simple change the web page access from 80 to 81 on our local install and it looked like our 3370 is still registered in GDMS a few days later.

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It is my understanding that in order for GDMS to work, the device must be able to connect to GDMS over the Internet.


Okay thank you. I forgot the phone uses the TR-069 to connect to GDMS, is that port it lists under TR-069 the port that would probably need to be opened? I hadn’t seen in GDMS if there’s a spot to change that if GDMS expects that port also.


It uses a combination of HTTP(S) and SOAP. So, you need to allow port 80 and 443.


No, you can’t change it. That’s how GDMS works.

That’s also why we are waiting on a on-premise version of GDMS.


Okay thank you for all the info that is great to know. haven’t tested it yet maybe it will work already, not sure if they’d want to open regular internet ports on the vlan. is it quite a bit of traffic that gdms uses, if a proxy server is used? maybe only during firmware upgrades or pushing the config file for the phone screen?


Not sure if you guys are part of the grandstream development team, but we have been working with a client with 200+ of these phones and trying to get them into a management tool has been tricky. That would be great if there was an on premise install of GDMS like you were saying fmarcoux96. I think they would prefer that over a cloud tool, have to see if they’d be willing to open any standard internet ports on the network.


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Thank you for using GDMS platform! We have the GDMS domains and ports list in GDMS FAQs, you can check it from the link below:

Please refer to the FAQ item “What domains and ports are used by GDMS?”. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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