Gdms issue


I am testing gdms. I have a Ucm 6208 in a business being tested to deploy. I took home 2 phones 1 2170 on the latest firmware and 1 2615 on the latest firmware . I configured them through GDMS as remote phones on the ucm that is in the different location and tweaked things and it seems to work . Problem is that anytime the phone gets unplugged it loses registration and some vpk buttons . I then have to resend the info through gdms a couple of times and it works again. I’m assuming this problem is only because they are remote , but I will have to test these phones locally at the ucm location to make sure. Its not a 2615 issue ,because the 2170 has the same problem. Most of the vpk still come back after the power is restored, but they are obviously grey because the phone is not registered .


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Thank you for using GDMS platform! Please send your registered account to me within a private letter and we will check this issue from server side. Thanks for your testing.

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I sent him a private response e mail . Did you get it ? I tested and the problem seems to be only when the other ucm 6204 at the remote location is on. When I unplugged that ucm ,then the problem went away . It seems that if the remote phone is rebooted and it finds a local Ucm ,even if that ucm has no connection to the other ucm that the remote phone was registered to , for some reason the phone wont register back to the remote ucm . If the local ucm is unplugged ,then it will register back to the remote Ucm


Thanks for your update, Whis! I did not receive the private email in the forum. I suspected this issue may be caused by the UCM provisioning issue, and we may need your captured trace to troubleshoot this issue.

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It should be easy for you to reproduce. Just put a ucm in one location and connect a remote phone at that location to a different ucm and keep rebooting and see what happens.


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Thank you for your feedback! We can reproduce this issue only if the UCM configured Zero Config feature in the local network. This is not an issue in GDMS platform. You can try to disable the Zero Config feature in the UCM and device should be normal.

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Yes. I tried and disabled zero config in the local ucm and you are right , the remote phone rebooted correctly . I would suggest that you update the Ucm firmware that as long as Enable Automatic Configuration is not checked in the zero config settings page, then it should not auto provision the phone to the local UCM even if the Enable Zero Config box is checked. That would make more sense . I thought that was the purpose of the Enable Auto Config setting , to determine whether you want it to auto config ,or if not checked then only if you manually config.


Dear Whis,

Thanks for your feedback! The issue you reported is caused by UCM Zero Config feature in local UCM, and if users disable this feature, the device should reboot correctly. For your suggestion for UCM Zero Config feature, I will transfer this issue to UCM team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!