GDMS Immediate Tasks SHow as SCHEDULED and DON't apply


First of all thanks for the feedback. So I ended up doing the following based on your recommendations

First I deleted one of the Voip Phones from GDMS

I added the Phone again with its mac and serial number and put it in the default site with no config templates assosiated with it.

I then factory reset the phone.

After phone came online again on GDMS I logged into it and saw that the Mac address has populated the User like it should.

So I switched it to the config template from earlier and provisioned it. Worked perfect.

Mac address is still in the user field after template provisioned and I Syslogs work now. So that is fixed.

So for future phones that I add to GDMS do I have to do that the same way??
Are you saying I can’t enter the mac and serial on gdms, assign them to the proper site and template and drop ship the phones to the users?


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and testing! You do not need to do that for the other future devices which you want to add to the GDMS platform. If the config template does not include the parameters which will cover the MAC address on the device Web UI, you can add the device to the GDMS platform directly. I mean you can configure the device and set up everything for the user and assign it to the user.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!