GDMS Extension User Settings


Just starting to play with GDMS and probably have a stupid question. I got a UCM6204 set up and synced to my GDMS account. I have a GXP2160 set up, added to my GDMS account and its online and provisioned. Is there somewhere in GDMS to edit the Extension User settings, i.e. First/Last Name, email, etc. or do I still have to do that in the UCM?

Also, and maybe this is related to my above question. When are the UCMs going to be fully added to GDMS. It seems right now if I want to start using GDMS for my new accounts that GDMS is strictly just replacing the zero config portion of the system? Everything else in the UCM, like Ring Groups, IVR, etc still has to be done in the UCM? When the UCM is added to GDMS is that going to be bringing all those settings into is as well so it will just be GDMS to use for everything?


extinctions sync is one way from UCM to GDMS.
you cannot edit UCM extensions from GDMS
you can create new extensions in GDMS but it will not sync to UCM
for now UCM6200 will not be fully Supported in GDMS, only extensions and SIP server
new generation of UCM will released in the future will have more integration.


You can do this in GDMS the same way you have to do it in Zero Config for some phone models; PCodes.

Hopefully. Right now it does not.


I think he is talking about synced extensions not the one he coated, this cant be edited from GDMS

it have already options more than UCM6200 in the GDMS. hope more will come in the Future


Dear Zach,

Thank you for using GDMS paltform! Users can only sync the UCM SIP extensions from UCM to GDMS and users cannot edit the UCM extensions from GDMS platform. Users also cannot sync the SIP extensions in GDMS platform to UCM. Please note that UCM620x is not fully compatible with GDMS platform for now. The users can only manage the SIP extensions in GDMS platform. If users want to edit the extensions parameters, users can go to VoIP account settings and modify the SIP account parameters and assign to other devices.

Currently, UCM620x is not supported in GDMS platform. I will pass this request to our GDMS developers for evaluation. We will support more and more models gradually. Thank you for your suggestion!

Thank you!