GDMS Devices


Anyone know of any roadmaps for adding devices to the supported list on GDMS?

I’ve some GXV3240 handsets I’d like to provision & whilst I can zero-config them from the UCM, I’d prefer a single-pane view on my fleet!


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! GDMS platform does not support GXV3240, and we will evaluate to consider whether to add this device model in GDMS future release. Thanks for your suggestion.

Thank you!


So when can we expect to see more devices added to GDMS ? Right now its a pain running 2 platforms GWN and GDMS … I was hoping GDMS would be able to support more telophone devices by now …


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion! Your suggestions are very important to us, and we will try to improve GDMS platform to support more device models in the future release. I will share your suggestions with our developers and our developers will evaluate it asap.

Thank you!


I too would like to know why we’re not seeing additional devices being added to GDMS, obviously GDMS will be the platform going forward but the take up is being hampered by the slow uploading of the GS suite of phones. We have many GXP16xx, gxp17xx series phones and need these added. It’s all well and good adding your new fleet of phones but how about showing some love to the thousands of devices already in the field?


further to this, the GDS37XX would also be an important add to this platform. The ability to add and remove users, RFID cards etc would save a lot of time and save our techs having to go to site.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! We indeed have plan to support more models in GDMS platform, including GXP17xx, GSC models, WP models, and GDS models. Our developers are working on the new compatible firmware for these models. GXP17xx is close to be announced in GDMS platform. Thanks for your testing and suggestions!

Thank you!


thanks for the update and great to hear, GDMS is certainly heading in the right direction and really looking forward to that single pain of glass.


Dear Datalinq,

Thank you for your feedback! Your suggestions are very important to us. Let us know if you have any further questions and suggestions.

Thank you!