GDMS device already exists - how to acquire from other enterprise or organization


A customer purchased a bunch of used GRP2616’s that are apparently managed by GDMS from a previous service provider. Thanks eBay.

Factory resetting the phone works for a minute or three, then it gets a config from GDMS from it’s previous provider.

If I try to add to our GDMS account, with the MAC address and Serial number, I get the error message:

"This device already exists in another enterprise or organization"

Is there a procedure to release these from the previous provider and acquire control?


Screen shot illustrating issue.


You will definitely want to open a ticket… This will become a bigger issue for us all going forward and only GS can fix it.


Is ticket #20220511180039 Maybe crossposting here will help.


Answer from grandstream.

Danny @May 11, 2022 18:02

Hi Mike,

We can definitely assist in releasing this. Could you just attach a quick snapshot of the MAC label on the device you have in hand?

----Comment from me:
I hope they can process a bunch of pictures.


Dear user,

Thank you for using the GDMS platform! I think your GRP2616 device may be associated to another enterprise before and we can help you to associate the device to your GDMS platform account. You can contact our regional support to proceed to make it work. In order to protect users’ privacy, you will need to show the ownership of the specific device so that we can help you to resolve this issue. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!