GDMS Beta!


no no no, I asked what it was for.


The ACS url should be populated automatically.

But it is:

Username is the MAC address but I still haven’t figured what is the password (might be Serial Number).

When I added mine, the config was sent to the phone magically but it stays orange in GDMS.


Those will be to manage multiple PBXs and accounts on each of them.

I can see why it is confusing but it allows MSPs to manage all devices and accounts in one place. Then simply use the config to customize everything.

Still better than GAPS but I’d like to see a Redirect feature when using (for example) 3CX.

For an in-house solution, GDMS will be really helpful!


ok… I believe it is there so that you can manage multiple accounts and SIP servers. The SIP server side would be if you have multiple SIP servers or SIP providers. So you can manage all of those in one area

SIP accounts can be added here to assign to specific devices. I presume so that you can easily change devices in the event you have one that fails or there is a need to add an additional device to the same number.

I see this working well in a hosted PBX environment.


Thanks. The url was not auto populating for mine. however; after adding that url mine connected and is showing online. I did not have to set a UN or PW for ACS. That doesn’t mean that I do not need it but to get to this point where the device shows online and populates the firmware version in GDMS that was all i needed.


I just realized my DP752 was not on so it couldn’t connect.

My GXV is still orange tho.



(Available under System Management (upper-right) -> About GDMS)


Turned on TR-069 and that allowed the device to connect… Can see its online but that is about it at the moment


Great ! Tested it with WP820 and runs fine!
One thing that has to be improved is to get faster access to the serial.
In this case I had to pull out the battery to find it…
But GDMS is another big goal!
If it is possible, please add the Gateways as well.This would be a big help…


Some devices show it on the web UI but most don’t.

But yeah, I tested it too and even the diagnostic tools are nice!

I just want one thing: have a built-in config template for 3CX that contains only the required settings (like SIP Server and headers settings).


Needing device in hand to get serial number is a deal breaker for our hosted VoIP platform. Most of our devices are shipped directly to customers and keyed off MAC address (which is, effectively, a serial number). Using a second serial number (the actual serial number) makes it not work for us.


That’s a reason why I have an inventory file of all phones on client’s sites containing MAC address, models and S/N. I even list the date purchased for warranty purposes.

If you don’t have such file, maybe it’s time to have one?


We don’t require customers to purchase phones through us; they can bring them from wherever it is cheapest. They just need to register with MAC address and customer code. Our provisioning system does the rest.


Well, I suggest you start asking the SN in that process, it would help you a lot!

Unfortunately, some of these devices won’t be able to be managed.


Well, MAC addresses are unique, so that is basically a serial number. And our deployment process will not work with this software so we’re likely to simply not use it. :slight_smile:


in fact the serial is a big limit and a deep problem, it would be enough the MAC.
Probably they did it for the contrast of the “clones” phones.


If anyone agrees, report it here:


I would think this is for security purposes, assuming the system somehow checks that both the MAC and SN match. Otherwise I could see someone playing with someone else’s (random) phone by just trying different SNs.

But, there needs to be a way to see the SN form the web GUI of the device…


Fix this problem, and the rest won’t matter. It’s just like a MAC address at that point and can be pulled automagically.


I tried the DP752 and I’d say it works pretty well with the GDMS,
but I don’t understand what you do to associate an account to a receiver via GDMS?
It seems to me that the option is missing, ok I register manually the receiver at the base but the association account / receiver should manage it the GDMS

FOUND FOUND :slight_smile: