GDMS Beta!


That’s a reason why I have an inventory file of all phones on client’s sites containing MAC address, models and S/N. I even list the date purchased for warranty purposes.

If you don’t have such file, maybe it’s time to have one?


We don’t require customers to purchase phones through us; they can bring them from wherever it is cheapest. They just need to register with MAC address and customer code. Our provisioning system does the rest.


Well, I suggest you start asking the SN in that process, it would help you a lot!

Unfortunately, some of these devices won’t be able to be managed.


Well, MAC addresses are unique, so that is basically a serial number. And our deployment process will not work with this software so we’re likely to simply not use it. :slight_smile:


in fact the serial is a big limit and a deep problem, it would be enough the MAC.
Probably they did it for the contrast of the “clones” phones.


If anyone agrees, report it here:


I would think this is for security purposes, assuming the system somehow checks that both the MAC and SN match. Otherwise I could see someone playing with someone else’s (random) phone by just trying different SNs.

But, there needs to be a way to see the SN form the web GUI of the device…


Fix this problem, and the rest won’t matter. It’s just like a MAC address at that point and can be pulled automagically.


I tried the DP752 and I’d say it works pretty well with the GDMS,
but I don’t understand what you do to associate an account to a receiver via GDMS?
It seems to me that the option is missing, ok I register manually the receiver at the base but the association account / receiver should manage it the GDMS

FOUND FOUND :slight_smile:


the manual shows the models that will be supported in the future, but the GXP series is not mentioned.
Will the GXP series be supported in GDMS? I hope so.


To SmartVox’s statement about MAC being unique -

The SN has yet to play any role with any prior aspect of Grandstream’s eco-system. MAC addresses are unique, are the same length and identify the manufacturer. All config files to date are based upon MAC.

Unlike a MAC, the SN is seemingly nothing more than a label affixed to the device that has no apparent functional purpose other than possibly easing inventory records and warranty claims. The MAC is permanently embedded in the unit. Duplication of a MAC is highly unlikely whereas the SN is not necessarily unique against the rest of the world’s manufacturers. So, from a provisioning standpoint, the need for a SN is not apparent,

However, the point of the SN is more likely a manufacturing process tracking and control issue so that various hardware versions/changes and tracking of cost reduction efforts and performance evaluation can be had…and if ever needed, product safety recalls can be effectively administered. Additionally, devices may have more than one MAC, so a SN may be more convenient. So, from this aspect the SN does have value.

However, the need for a SN for provisioning eludes me…but, I guess GS may want an easier method of being able to see where product is being deployed.


And before anyone says “but MAC addresses are not unique either,” let me say that the 2^24 bit address space available to each manufacturer is likely unique. But all that matters is that it’s unique on a given network. So yet, duplication is possible. I get that MAC + serial number will likely be a strongly unique identifier, even across manufacturers, but @lpneblett said it best: “The SN has yet to play any role with any prior aspect of Grandstream’s eco-system.”

I get that, if GS wants to start using serial numbers somewhere, it’s best to start in a cloud-based beta for provisioning software, but just like when this forum changed a year ago, there will be lots of complaints. :slight_smile:


Providing the serial numer in the web gui is not the big thing in my opinion.
That was my thought also at the beginning.
But this is also just another pita for mass depoyment I think.
If you first need to unpack and start the device and have a look into the gui…
you would be much faster if you pull off the battery cover and fetch the magnifying glass to get the needed S/N.
A practible thing (if this combination is needed for security purposes) in my opinion would be to place it on the box
Under a sticker that you have to peel off to be able to read something, or printed on box and gummed to rub away. Best would work a barcode of course
or something else like that.

So there´s no need to open the box or take out the brand new device at all.

Serial is already on the box I saw…as well as a barcode for it…


Providing the serial number is not the “big deal.” Getting it in the first place, is. :slight_smile:

For us, if we have phone in hand when we provision it, we use bar code scanners. No big deal at all. However, most of the time, we drop ship phones directly to our customers so now that’s one more step that they have to do, and they have to do it while staring at the back of the phone rather than looking at a GUI where they can copy/paste it into our provisioning system (which they can do today with MAC address).


If I remember correctly, one of things I think I saw/read about GDMS is that it is going to integrate with authorized distributors systems such that what we purchase will automatically be added to our GDMS interface. Again, this is AFAIR and understood!

Of course this will not help with existing deployments…

Ideally the serial number is recorded somewhere on the device that GS can provide a scanning utility to collect this info from a network. I know, wishful thinking, but I’m trying to have positive thoughts.


I hear myself repeating, “calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean” over and over… :slight_smile:

All told, these are small things. The tool looks incredibly useful - much more so than GAPS ever did!


I fully agree with you.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Grandstream development listens to our feedback. If they do, and IF they communicate back to us, I’m sure they will have a game-changer tool that will help drive sales of their products…



They should watch this forum more. Lot of people here are expert and specialist of Grandstream products and we almost all know other platforms as well. Our feedback is important if they want to make the best platform with the best features of all the others!


Grandstream does pay attention to the forum, but the forum is advertised as a user-to-user support forum, not a user-to-Grandstream support forum. So it’s hit or miss if they pay attention to any one thing. However, they do tend to read the beta test posts A LOT so I suspect they’re reading this one. :slight_smile:


All, regarding GDMS requires both MAC and SN, is indeed for security reason, just as “drostoker” mentioned. Remember, anyone can sign up in GDMS, and start putting MAC addresses into the system, whether unintentionally or maliciously, one can enter MAC addresses that do not belong to his/her customers, which means they can hijack someone else’s devices. SN, on the other hand, is unique and matching device one to one, so only those people who have devices at hand, know both MAC and SN, thus preventing mistake as described above.

Please make sure you refresh the GDMS browser after provisioning, some of the status were not auto-updated.

Eventually, all Grandstream product will could be supported by GDMS. Just as any other product developments, it does take time to make it happen.

Finally, please make sure upgrade the device the supported firmware.

And yes, Grandstream thank you for your valuable input, and we are here to listen, as well…