GDMS Beta!


The new GDMS beta is now available! I just got the email.

It is supposed to replace GAPS eventually. Some devices are supported right now.

@grandstream Still need a category for this.


Signed in and exploring. This will go a LONG WAY towards helping us deploy Grandstream in our hosted environment, since provisioning has always been a real PITA.

Can’t wait to see what it does.


It seems very powerful compared to GAPS! It allows for multi-site management as well as device templates.

I might even use this instead of 3CX Provisioning!

I tried adding my devices but I get a “MAC address does not exists” error. Do you have this? Only a few devices are compatible for now.


Anyone know of a way to get the s/n from a GXP21** phone web gui?



No, you can’t. This is a MAJOR complaint for years.

But don’t worry, GXP devices are not (yet?) supported by this tool so you’re not missing anything.


oh crap i miss read the key features. GXV not GXP :frowning: oh well

Thanks hope they release new firmware so we can get it when they do add them.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Right now, GDMS supports:

  • GXV3370 (fw
  • GRP2614
  • DP750/752 (fw
  • WP820


DP752, cannot too.

GSC3510 (not yet supported) but doesn’t show the S/N in web portal either.


I’ve posted the full text of the intro mail, which includes a link to the full press release information from Grandstream, here (GDMS Beta Information)


I liked GAPS so this looks like a much needed update. And I like that it can also configure “SIP Accounts” which can be useful to manage easier those singletons.


DP752 is manageable via GDMS cloud. I’ve had 2 already setup for weeks.
I heard about the GDMS cloud from voipsupply when they sent out a webinar request for may 16th, and have been running two DP752’s on it since then.


Yes, the link worked before today. I’ve been signed up for a week now.

I just hope more devices will be supported, specially the new GXV3380 and the GSC3510 (which I am testing).


GAPS was basically a redirection service, nothing more.

GDMS will allow management, diagnostic and more of devices using TR-069.


I have added my DP720 but shows disconnected… device firmware is … Do i need to do anything with the phone/base did power cycle


Upgrade to beta

It is written in the GDMS what version are supported.


OK so we are at firmware still showing disconnected after reboot


Yeah mine does too. It won’t connect.

Also, my GXV3370 is orange. I get this message: “Something is wrong with the device’s NAT configuration. The device can still download configuration and firmware files from GDMS, but GDMS cannot communicate with the device for remote management.”


OK, Well i guess we will wait and see what to do next then…


I am attempting to setup a GXV3370 (I am on the recommended firmware). I have enabled TR-069 and added the device to GDMS. I am not seeing a connection. I tried adding info for ACS URL/UN/PW but that does not seem to help. I made an assumption that was the ACS URL but there is no documentation that I have found that suggest that is correct. So I am hitting the forums. Other than enabling TR-069 are there any other parameters that need to be set in order for it to connect to GDMS?


insert “Sip account” and “Sip server” for what is it for? :cold_face: