GDMS and GRP2612


I’m unable to push or schedule firmware to the GRP2612 phones via GDMS. The task errors out with an invalid file type message.
We are also unable to push local configuration changes to these phones types via GDMS.

Are the GRP261X series not supported for these features?


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! GRP2612 has already supported this function in the current GDMS platform. Users can push frmware/configuration to the GRP2612 through the GDMS platform. This function has been tested and worked well. Please kindly send the MAC address of your device to us for troubleshooting. Please ensure that your GRP261x is under the latest firmware version. Thanks for your testing!

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Thanks for your assistance, I sent a message with the MAC address.

Can you tell me what minimum version of firmware is needed to support the pushing of firmware? is the one I’m testing now and doesn’t seem to take it.

I wonder if the problem is with the filetype of the firmware the GDMS is pushing? I see the GDMS try to send and then fail with message cause “invalid file type”


Dear user,

Thank you for using the GDMS platform! If the GRP2612P OEM model can be added to the GDMS platform successfully, it can be provisioned through the GDMS platform and it can be upgraded to the firmware version The firmware version of GRP2612 and GRP2612P should use the same upgrade firmware file. Could you kindly try it again through the GDMS platform and capture the trace file with syslog from your GRP2612P and send the logs to us for troubleshooting? The minimum supported firmware version should be I noticed that your GRP2612P has already been upgraded to the latest firmware version now. You mean you want to upgrade it to Beta firmare version You may need to upload the beta firmware file to the GDMS platform “Resources” module and schedule an upgrade task for this device. Thanks for your testing!

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Interesting,… That phone did finally upgrade its firmware load to .93 so I was thinking the problem was fixed.

I am now able to see and change the GRP2612 configuration pages on GDMS, so it looks like that has been fixed as far as I can tell so far.

I’m trying to update another customers set but still unable to push firmware updates to the GRP2612s. We’re now receiving a different failure message than before. Instead of invalid file its now failed to get file. I’ll PM the MAC of the new example below.

2022/26/02 07:24AM
Failed (Fail to get the file)


Capture file just attached in PM…


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! We have received your captured logs and found the device on the GDMS platform. We will check the upgrade issue for this GRP2612 and get back to you. Thanks for your testing!

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Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! The whole process seems correct, but the device did not download the firmware version, however, the provisioning process has been triggered based on the logs. May I ask if you have configured any other provisioning server for this device? Thanks for your testing!

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I was able to find the problem in our provisioning server. Needed to add domain specific overrides for and now the sets are updating just fine. Thanks for your assistance!


HTTP SETTINGS, not https


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Thank you for your updates! Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

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