Gate way HT818


someone could help me step by step to configure the HT818 gateway on the IPBX UCM6202.
I have already installed all IP phones that work properly but I still have the analog posts on the HT818 gateway that does not work

when doing a Zero-Config i don’t see the HT818 i don’t find in the list of gateways.

Thanks for your help.


I don’t have a video for that one.
Paid support is an option.

Essentially you set up a sip trunk to the ucm and each port is an extension.

Grandstream has some resources as well.


Ok, thanks
it 'll be a Peer SIP Trunk i must set up ?
I have 14 Analog phone so i’ll use 2 HT818 with different IP address.
I had creat already extension, my problems is the way my UCM recognize the HT818
thanks for your help again


yes, a peered trunk.