Gate Hold Open


I have the GDS3710 on order and hope to use it as a gate entry system. It looks like a near-ideal candidate for this use. I have read the manual front to back and spent a couple days on this forum; nearly all of my requirements for a video gate entry system have been checked off, but there are 2 remaining issues. This post is regarding the common requirement in gate entry systems to latch the gate open. Instead of a relay pulse, it needs to be turned on until released.

I realize the Keep Door Open feature will do this, but if I understand function correctly, there are only 2 ways to have a non-scheduled hold open: directly at the keypad and via the device configuration page below Door System Settings, where you apparently have to enter a hold time when you open the gate. Most gate systems allow a key sequence from a cell phone or via an on-screen app button to accomplish this. Driving to the end of the driveway to open the gate, and having a mandatory open time, are not satisfactory, especially if the owner is not physically home. Having to pull up a web page and change a configuration menu item is not user friendly either. On a BFT gate opener, the phone app has 2 on-screen buttons: one for each of 2 relays. A press fires the chosen relay to open, a press and hold puts the gate in Latched or Hold Open mode, and the button turns green while the relay is latched. Another press releases the relay. This is near ideal function.

I’ve read all postings here I could find on the keep open function (26-Apr-'19 and 8-May-'19) and have not seen an answer to my question:

Is there a way to issue a Hold Open from a cell phone and/or the Wave app? If so, can it be indefinite or must the time be specified? Any suggestions on how it can be made to be user friendly?