Gasket too small for multiple CAT5/6



I noticed that to have all the functionality of the device accessible from inside the wall, I would need to pass two CAT5/6 cables through the gasket. One serves ethernet and POE, the other for the lock control, pushbutton, etc. I had quite a time getting two cables through with the outer jacket on, which I thought would be important as it passes to outside. Probably easier if I stripped the jacket back, but would that compromise the seal?

I would suggest either two gaskets or just one larger gasket…




To be weather-tight, it is necessary to use a single (only one) multi-conductor wire based on the total numbers of conductors you need.

If using more than one (1) cable, you can leave out the rubber seal as it would not provide any protection anyway since there will be an air gap between the cables.


I think most of us would be using CAT5/6 cabling, which doesn’t have enough conductors. Using a single cable with say 16 conductors (if I can find such a thing) doesn’t make sense, because half of the conductors will not be run back to the network switch, and would have to be somehow pulled out of the casing.

I guess I will fall back to my original suggestion that you offer a two-gasket solution to maintain weather-tight.


Cable choice depends on whether you need the unit to be installed in the unprotected outdoors. You cannot use multiple cables through a single hole to be weather-tight and it would be nice to see GS change the hardware design, but generally once a unit gets into BETA testing, all the hardware decisions were already made and units already in production.

Installers will always use multi-conductor cables when required and yes, you can get quite a few conductors in a single jacket.

Also, you don’t need run the entire multi-conductor cable back to the switch - you only need the 2-4 pairs, nothing more. The other pairs can be routed to their associated locations/devices as needed and be sure to account for a drain (ground wire).



Wiegand connectivity may be what you need if you need to bring a lot of cables through.

But if you don’t, then you can definitely bring multiple cables through the gasket with a small patch cable, and wire the remainder inside with multiple wires as your installation requires.

It’s all about location, location, location!! :slight_smile:


Since I’m indoors i’m not worried about water - I sliced the gasket to allow me to bring my Cat 5 and my door lock’s wire through the same gasket. Why not include another rubber gasket that has two openings - one for the network and the other for the lock.