Gaps / gdms


i’m not familiar with Grandstream yet but have a WP822 here on my desk.
It’s now configured trough the GDMS but have the next questions.

1- Is it possible to configure soms setting (SSID) bij plugging it into a pc by an USB cable?
2- I would like to use the GAPS (what i understand is the same as Yealink RPS) but how to get access?
3- Can i run my own GDMS?


All of your answers can be resolved with a little reading:

This is a user forum and you would need to ask for access to the GS Cloud from Grandstream themselves.


For GAPS access you need to contact your distributor, the major ones like Streakwave and Teledynamics can get you signed up. You cannot run your own GDMS, but you can sign up for free at