Gac2500 & gdms


When will GDMS supporting firmware for the GAC2500 be available?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! Currently, GDMS platform does not support GAC2500 and we will try our best to support more models in future GDMS platform release gradually. Thanks for your suggestions!

Thank you!


Any update on this? We are looking at upgrading our existing infrastructure… We have an old analog conference phone we have been using, may pick up a HT801 to pair it with, but the GAC2500 looks nice if only it were manageable over GDMS.


Many GS devices have no support and there is no public schedule of when you can expect any of them to be added. As well, quite of few older devices will not be configurable via GDMS. Again there is no list that I am aware of.

I would plan on not having GDMS support unless:

  • You see it appear in GDMS


  • You see an announcement by Grandstream to that effect (with a release date).



Dear users,

Thank you for your feedback! We will support more device models gradually. When we add improvements to support more models, we will announce the new supported models in the release note. Sorry for the inconvenieces! Thanks a lot for all your testing!

Thank you!