FXS Ports on GXW4501


Any chance of there being a model with FXS ports on it for doing fax machines?


I can’t imagine that there would be. That’s sort of the opposite of what this device is for. It’s a PRI/T1/E1 to VoIP gateway. If you need FXS devices, then you need an ATA.


Adtran Total Access 908 is a PRI to VoIP gateway that has 8 FXS ports on it. You can take a DID from the PRI and route it to one of the FXS ports without it going through the PBX or needing an ATA. So it’s not really the opposite and it removes the need for an additional piece of equipment.


Nice! Never seen that device before. I’m guessing you have them deployed? If so, what’s your use case for them? I’d think that if you had a PRI line coming in, you’d split that into your analog lines directly, rather than going through a VoIP gateway box first, so I’m just curious.

Given that this Grandstream device was billed as “GXW4500 series are E1/T1/J1 Digital VoIP Gateways” (GXW4501 Original Program Information) I’m happy with them being only E1/T1 gateways without FXS ports. I think that, unless these device are made modular (as suggested in GXW4501 Growth/Expansion), then adding FXS ports, SUB ports, SD slots, gigE (100Kb/s codec will require no more than 3Mb/s bandwidth for the number of simultaneous calls this device is rated for) and all the rest are all things that will just increase cost for people who would rather just have exactly what it is now. A simple gateway.


We deploy the Adtran’s anytime we install an IP PBX and a customer has more than 1 fax machine. If they have multiple fax we install a PRI and port their fax numbers to the PRI, then use the Adtran to convert those fax lines to analog, while sending the other DIDs to the PBX. That way the customer isn’t paying for a bunch of analog lines just for faxing.

I’d be fine with it being a modular add-on or a separate model. Have the GXW4501 be 1 T1/E1 then GXW4541 could be 4 FXS, 1 T1/E1, etc.


My quick search shows those devices going for a minimum of US$900 or so (some substantially more). Again, I’m just curious how this is more cost effective for your solution than a US$200 Grandstream GXW4008 8-port ATA (edit:) plus the PRI gateway, of course?


Going with an ATA requires a license for each ATA port on the PBX. Once the fax ports start going through the PBX you can start running into issues because it goes from PRI to SIP, then SIP from the PBX to the ATA to analog, you start running into a lot of issues going this route. We have customers that receive 200+ page faxes on a daily basis. Never had an issue using the Adtran to do the faxes. We had tried doing the ATA route through the PBX and had a lot of issues. When you factor in cost to troubleshoot problems, it adds up and the Adtran becomes a better solution.


I guess it depends on the PBX. Thinking just in terms of a Grandstream solution, there are PBXes with built-in FXS ports and no additional licensing required to add an ATA. But that’s neither here nor there.

Thanks for the information. We’re always interested in knowing how others are accomplishing tasks. Thanks!