FXS line disappears



Since a couple of weeks, my UCM6104 looses its FXS line attached to it. I don’t know how or why. The analog PSTN is still available (when I plug a phone in the analog line when the status is red on the UCM dashboard I get a dial tone and in-/outgoing calls work)
When I reboot the UCM alls is OK for a couple of days again.

Is there a way I can add extra logging to see what’s happening? Or is it just the start of the end for this trusty UCM :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for any answer!



in the meantime you can change FXO to see if that one is defective, you can try to update the UCM fw and you can do tests to align the PSTN with UCM


Hi damiano70!

The fw is the last one (UCM61xx is not supported anymore; I’m running
There are no phones connected to the FXO ports (only IP Phones on the network). And I did already switch the FXS port (cable was in port 1, no in port 2)


excuse me I wanted to write FXS, if you have already tried to reverse and the problem persists they could be “defective”, you can try to make a format factory or open a ticket to the Helpdesk

otherwise an external ATA would be the best situation


ok thx! I’ll do a reset of the device and a restore of the backup.


Just to be sure, there is no log that might show me a reason?


there can be a thousand reasons and a thousand places to look, be careful to restore the backup, it could be a problem on the database, so format, first try the FXS then put the backup, to me it still looks like a HW failure