FW DP750/DP720 Handset issue



I was wondering if anyone else has seem any issues with the DP720 handsets upgrading automatically after applying the firmware to a DP750 base. I run my own firmware server and all of my Bases and Handsets are set to upgrade automatically. This is going from FW to I have logged into about 15 of my DP750s and with 9 of them the FW on the Handsets was still on As soon as I hit upgrade all they take right off so I cannot figure out why they are not doing it on their own as well as why some of them are working. I also have a bunch of DP752 paired with DP730 handsets and have logged in to several of those and everyone of them the DP730s were all at This seems to only be affecting the DP750 paired with a DP720, just wanted to see if anyone else was seeing this behavior. Thanks!


The handsets are typically updated OTR (over the air) depending on the settings you have in the base. Without knowing what these settings are, hard to know.


I just updated it yesterday, everything’s fine.


I am aware of how the handsets update, I have been using the DP750/DP720 since FW The only time I have had to manually update the Handset FW was going from to My Firmware Settings are as follows, and I have had them set like this since;

My server is HTTP public facing so all of my devices can hit it.
Bases are all set to Always Check for New Firmware
HTTP username is entered in each base
HTTP Password is entered in each base
Always send HTTP Basic Authentication Information - NO
Verify Host when using SSL - YES
Upgrade via - HTTP
Firmware Server Path is in every Base
I do not use File Prefix or Postfix
Allow DHCP Options - NO
Automatic Upgrade set to Yes, check for upgrade every week both set to 0
I do not use Random Interval Times
Last but not least Handset Firmware Automatic Upgrade - YES

I probably have about 150 DP750 bases in the field paired with 2 DP720 handsets each. I have really only checked those initial 15 because I am in the middle of a project at the moment so I just wanted to throw it up here to see if anyone else has experienced this. I know I have a slew of the different revisions of Handsets out there and I know but unfortunately with the Pandemic going on right now all of our retail locations are closed so I have no way to get the revision numbers. Again every DP752/DP730 combo I have out in the field, which is about 50, have all updated the Handsets Automatically. I am only seeing this on my DP750/DP720 setups, but then again not all of them. Hope this clears up how my firmware upgrade process works, thanks again for any help and if you need me to gather more info I can definitely do that!