FTP Problem



I have set up an FTP server on the FTP setting for the GDS3712 successfully (I think, because I did see the ftp_text.txt file in my FTP server). I click ‘Save’ of course (many times)

But when I go back to the ‘Snapshot Storage Settings’ page, I see Storage server type = Central Storage … It’s normal? I need change to ‘FTP’ to see my ftp parameters.

And above all, when I use ‘Enable motion detection’ and I select one Action Profile with ‘Upload Snapshot’ no file arrives in my ftp directory.

Any information on this would be appreciated. Thank you.


I answer myself to share my experience…

After a f**k day researching about the GDS3712 and its FTP and mail problems, without any result, I thought to check the configuration through the API.

Result: if you use the API to modify the FTP and mail server settings, everything works perfectly and sets the ftp server as storage server type (you can even use any mail server, not just gmail; in my case I use my own Synology server, where the user id doesn’t match with the mail address).

As a consequence, it seems that the web interface of the GDS3712 doesn’t work properly when saving some values (or is a bit excessive when running the tests).

I leave it here in case someone can help you. Great device (with some small details to be polished).

Tested with a GDS3712 Hw V1.1A Firm


The “Central Storage” usually means external computer running the free utility software GDSManager, the snapshots will be stored in that computer hard drive. The GDS37xx are embedded computer system with limited mips and memory, cannot store those snapshots where accumulated daily if configured.

If you configured in the WebUI but cannot save or work, it might be a bug. Please contact HELPDESK to report it. If it is a bug, then it will be fixed in the new firmware release cycle.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.