Frozen GWN7000


I’ve been goofing around with my GWN7000 router. Everything was going great until I tried to setup OpenVPN. The entire router froze. No ssh, no access, internet is down the whole 9 yards.

I thought it might be my issue as I’m not familiar with OpenVPN. Factory reset, rebuilt the router (no, I had not backed up).

Tried again and, just after setting up the server. Dead.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there really something I could be doing that would take the router offline?

I’ve rebooted this several times with no luck.

A factory resetting I shall go. Maybe I’ll leave OpenVPN along for now.

I am on beta firmware. I don’t recall the number.


I’ve had OpenVPN setup on the older firmware without the issue you’re experiencing.

Try upgrading the firmware.


Hi, costwisewpg,

Can you PM me your configuration file at the issue stage or when unit about to go dead? You can change your password, and download your GWN7000 configuration from System->Maintenance->Upgrade->Download Configuration.
Also if you can point your device syslog to your local syslog server, and record the logs while issue happening, it chould be helpful.