Frequently disconnect and connect wifi signal


Hello for all my friends in this forum …
so my probelm like this…
we have a 23 GWNs installed in an hotel, and as usual i have one master and the other is slaves,
so no GWN cloude.
Now in “some” rooms the customers complain that the Wifi Signal is disconnected frequently and reconnected or in some cases it doesn’t connect at all, actually i notice the same things exactly when i enter this rooms -some rooms not all- so please do you have any suggestion or advise or if you can suggest any troublshooting that i can do in order to solve this issue…? what may causes this…?
side note: all the GWNs IPs is out of the DHCP Server range so no conflict with other IPs.


Can you please share the Wifi config. Especially things like channel and bandwidth. Besides, have you checked the log of the accesspoint?