Frequent Client Disconnection from WIFI (GWN7610)




I have an issue just now i noticed it as i’m getting complaint from our staff. My client frequently getting disconnected from the WIFI this includes VOIP telephone(wireless), Laptops and Microsoft Surface Pro and sometimes they are having difficulty in connecting to the WIFI. I have 9 AP’s, 8 of which is version and 1 version But LAN has no issue even using the same subnet with the AP.




first of all, it updates the FW of all the a.p.
after the update you need to have a complete scenario and details to try to answer you


Hi damiano70

I will try to update all to the new FM and see if it will fix the issue.
Thanks for the support.



Hi Damiano70,

I already upgraded all the firmware to version it seems im facing issue with devices that is connected to 5 Ghz like Microsoft Surface Pro and some laptop capable of cnnecting to 5Ghz.




Resolved? Latest FW version of GWN7610 is and not


I have the same problem with GWN7630. Tried different firmware versions. Nothing helps so far…