Freezing and other problems with GXP2160



Hello guys,

I would like to ask if any of you have the same issue or issues with GXP2160. We have 14 pieces of GXP2160 in our company. Some of them works fine some of them sometimes dont. I start to think that it is really no matter what version of firmware do you use.

  • phones sometimes freeze during call
  • phones sometimes freeze without any interaction of end user (so you even dont know that the phone is not registered because the screen is frozen)
  • one phone spontaneous rebooted without any interaction of end user
  • sometimes the phone seems to be good = screensaver works, you can do things in menu etc. but when you pick up the cord there is no tone and also the phone is not registered.

The solution of problems mentioned above is reboot the phone. But when you have to reboot the phone once a month that is going to be very noxious. But again some phones work well. I trying to find out what is the problem also with the help of grandstream support. But coredumps, syslogs are useless. They always tell me to make a wireshark capture of traffic behind the phone. This is not easy task because we have 14 pieces of these phones and these problems occurs randomly. How I can make a wireshark capture of problem when maybe I have to wait for weeks, months?

I thought that syslog and coredump directly from the phone (or any kind of device) are powerfull weapons but in this case it is absolutly useless. When I asked from support if they are able to make any assumption from the coredump or syslog which was generated they told me nothing.

Is here any else with similar problems?

Thank you guys.


Yes I am having frequent freezing problems with a GXP2140. I am running

What firmware do you have on the failing phones?



I do not have any problems.
2135 + 2160 use daily (headphones, around 20 calls per day, usually long 20+ minutes).

Check HV version, it is same ?
Check Mac address are they similar 2 groups -> working and not working (treat mac as SN in Hex)
Phones with problems have more calls ?


Hello EXEYESOFTWARE and MARCIN. I will try briefly answer your questions with my sheet (Libre Calc) where I summarized some details from the phones.


Nice summary.

Phone are PoE powered or PSU ?


We use PSU with every single unit. We don’t use PoE.


I remember some problem earlier, since i go 8.34 i do not have problem.
17 days.


Is it possible that Grandstream don’t mention some BUG fixes in the release notes? For instance, they fix some important bug or behaviour of the phone and they don’t mention it in the release notes?


It is in there, but you may not read as it (we have really no idea what some fixes are).
Also many bugs can be solved because of other cause without GS knowledge (and introduce new bugs).


Just for instance, GXP1628 has a problem with displaying name in the history log. When Im calling to GXP1628 I see the person name who calling me (via LDAP lookup, we didn’t use xml phonebook). But when I go to log history there is only the number without name. Workaround for this behaviour is to use two phonebooks. One via LDAP and second via xml which is located in the phone memory. There was a ticket because of this for a very long time. Recently I have got message that this behaviour is fixed in the firmware. But when I read the release notes there is nothing about it.

This was the reason why I asked for it.

So you say that GXP2160 is stable with the newest firmware? Of course 17 days is not so long time.

Thank you for info :wink:


It stable for me :slight_smile:
17 days is max for this fw i think :slight_smile:


We have been plagued with these random freezes on our GXP2170’s ever since we deployed the solution around 10 months ago. Grandstream has been unable to determine the problem here. We also see the same problem with one or more extensions (still on a random basis) associated with our GXW analog gateways.

In some cases, the phones will sitll respond to GUI logon and reboot from there. However, sometimes, the REBOOT instruction does not get carried out and in other cases, the GUI does not respond and the phone needs to be power cycled. We have a mix of PoE based phones and those using the a/c adapter. We also have most of the phones also having a PC attached to the PC port (daisy chain). When these freezes happen, some times the PCs lose IP connectivity, and other times they are fine. (I suspect this is related to whether the GUI is reachable; when unreachable, I think the ability of the phone to act as “hub” for the PC port is down at that time.)


Suggest you open a new port rather than hi-jacking one that is 6 years old. In order to get to your post, one has to read the others to see if there is any relevance to what was happening back on 2017. Much has changed since then and you have only provided your observations without providing any details of what firmware version is in use, what the 2170’s are connected to, if there are Vlans or other network details that might be useful to know.

Without knowing the firmware versions and how the devices are configured and the environment for which the configuration applies, there is not much help anyone can provide.