Forwarding to Home Office softphone


Hello everyone,

We’re pretty new to VOIP and GrandStream. We’re running a UCM6204, and we have some GXP2130 and GXP2170 phones.

I’m wondering what the “best practice” method is for dealing with people who are in the office some days (with a physical GXP phone) and on other days they are remote. On remote days, we’re hoping they can use a softphone application (such as X-lite) while connected to the office network via VPN.

I’m guessing each softphone should be configured as a separate extension.

When the person is not in the office, they could forward all calls to their remote extension, but I’m wondering if there is a better/other way of doing this.

Also, if they forget to forward their phone when they leave the office, is there a way to “remote control” their phone and turn on the forwarding from somewhere else (without being able to physically press the buttons on the phone)?




Increase Concurrent Registrations in extension.
Number mean how many devices you can connect to each account, both phones can be register to extension and any call to it will ring both office phone and softphone.

Forward can be set on UCM http page when you login as extension.