Forward Call on DND?


When an extension has DND on, I would like to forward all calls to another extension. I don’t see a way to set this in the extension settings. I can forward the calls on Busy and No Answer just fine when DND is off, but when I call the extension with DND on, I just get a message that the extension I am calling is busy.



So, why would you not use call forward unconditional?


I don’t understand what you are suggesting. The user has a GRP2614 phone. When the user hits the Mute button on the phone, it puts the phone into DND mode. Once you do that, if you call the extension, you get a message that the extension is busy…call again later. Note: I have the voicemail box on this extension disabled.

I want to be able to configure the UCM so that calls are forwarded to another extension when the phone is in DND mode. The UCM extension page (features tab) gives me the ability to configure forwarding for various presence statuses, including Available, Away, and Unavailable, but there is no obvious way to configure forwarding options for Do Not Disturb status.


I do not believe there is such a function and that is why I think Larry is suggesting you train the user to use Call Forward instead of Do Not Disturb.


Yes, exactly.

When in DND you are essentially saying that nothing should be sent to the phone in that condition. As DND can be set at the extension level in the UCM or in the phone and the difference in how a DND is treated is different. As you do not want the phone to be bothered, simply use call forward unconditional, but again it depends on if you have call features enabled in the phone or not. If not, then the UCM handles, If so, then the phone will handle.

Check out the admin manual for the GRP and then examine the UCM manual. Check out presence in the UCM manual particularly so.


I still don’t understand what you mean by use call forward unconditional.

If I configure the phone with a voice mailbox in the UCM, if the phone is in DND mode and you get an incoming call, the phone does not ring and the call goes directly into the voice mailbox. Why can’t you configure the UCM to forward the call to another extension instead of having a local voice mailbox?


i use the dnd button to log into and out of a queue, it could dial call forward and the number(*72xxx) when enabled and disabled dial *73, the setting is in the phone under features


Sorry, but I don’t see any way to change the function of the MUTE button on a GRP2614 phone so that it could be used to toggle Call Forward on and off.


I found a work around to the problem. In the UCM6204, I disable the DND Feature Codes (Call Features / Feature Codes). Now when you push the MUTE button on the GRP2614, in goes into DND mode on the phone, but the UCM still thinks the phone is Available. When you call the extension, the phone sends a Busy or Unavailable response, and the call is forwarded as configured for the Available status for the extension (Configure Call Forward No Answer and Call Forward Busy).

There really should be another tab under the Extension Features for the Do Not Disturb status.


Add codedes inp hone for UCM in DND settings on account, this will force phone to sent code to UCM and it will recognize (fill correct from your UCM)


As stated, the manuals have more info about how various functions work, more so than what I can explain in a post, there is a section in the settings to accommodate DND -

However, the statement in the last screen shot about the call dropping is only when there is no voicemail configured for the extension.

The key to it is understanding that presence is about the extension owner. DND is about the status of the extension. You will see this when you do the pull down box as I showed in the first screen shot. As you go thru the status offerings the tab will move in conjunction with the selection with the exception of DND.

The point being that when DND is set, it means that you do not want the phone extension to be bothered, so if a call were to come in, it goes to the VM, assuming same is configured. So, logically, you never wanted DND in the first place, you simply wanted any call destined for that extension to be sent elsewhere; hence call forward unconditional-

DND is simply a way of taking the phone out of service, but still retaining the calls within VM so the extension owner can deal with them later.

Now then, you will also note that the UCM has the ability that when the phone is in DND, you have the ability to make exceptions such that you can allow certain numbers through, but unless the UCM is managing the DND aspect (remember that I indicated that both the phone and UCM have certain common functionalities) the function will not work.

As stated, the phone also has some of the same features built-in. This is because the phone may mot be connected to a PBX, but perhaps directly to a provider or to a less featured PBX that may not have some of the desired functions. When you set DND at the phone, calls are still sent to the phone and the phone will reply with a 486 Busy response. When you set Busy at the UCM, as Marcin has suggested by synchronizing the function, the UCM will know the extension is busy and never send the call to the phone but will instead immediately follow the rules set for that presence status and condition. When you have call features enabled in the phone, the phone will take over the features so should you use the dial code to forward, the forward will be in the phone, not the UCM.

Each phone system make will likely have some nuance or twist as to how they may accomplish what seemingly is the same function, but one has to read the manuals to get a feel for how things work and then experiment as many manuals (to include GS) are often lacking the clarity that many need/want.

Me, I do not enable the call features on the phones when connected to a UCM, I want the UCM to control things as I find that users will play with the phone settings and inadvertently set some function that I would otherwise have to go and hunt down and reverse.


I tried setting the DND feature codes in the GRP2614 as you suggested to *721001 and *73. When I did that, and hit the Mute button, the phone started a call with those codes, but I had to manually end the call before the codes became effective. Definitely not a solution.


The problem here is simply that the UCM is missing the functionality to set call forwarding options for the DND status. There is a VERY good reason you want to use the DND function on the phone to divert calls: It puts a BIG DND icon on the display, so the user doesn’t forget that the phone is in DND mode.

DND does not imply that no traffic should be sent to the phone. It implies that the phone should not ring and any traffic should go to voice mail, or if there is no mailbox, to another extension that is covering calls for the DND phone. It’s hard to understand why the UCM would send a call to voicemail, if it is configured, but not have a provision to forward the call to another extension.

The simple solution to this shortcomiing is not to have the UCM recognize the DND status for the phone at all, by disabling the DND feature codes in the UCM, and then rely on the No Answer or Busy call forwarding settings for the extension to route the calls when the phone rejects the calls due to DND being on.


I am not arguing what it should do, but explaining what DND means to the phone as well as to the UCM and what they do currently. And, rather than using both No answer and busy, you only need busy if you are setting DND in the phone. Busy is what the DND setting in the phone will return when receiving a call (which is what you observed). As you have set it DND, then a no answer is not a possible condition while in DND.

Do I think the option should be allowed? Yes, I completely agree with you.


yes, it does actually call the ucm and set the forwarding up at the pbx, instead of doing the forward at the phone, the call will eventually end and the forward will be in place, it isnt instantaneous. I got used to the message, its a nice confirmation the system has been updated.

If you ever want to monitor peoples DND mode, you need to have the DND button call the ucm and use the dnd code to update its status so other users will be notified of a DND status change.


DND is not forward, these are 2 different situation.
As i understand you want use DND because of big ICON so you know it is DND. Then problem is that forward is not shown same. This is GXP enhancement and have nothing to do with UCM.