Forward an extension to another location


We have a customer that wants several extension to NOT have voicemail. They instead want all of the unanswered calls, dialed from the IVR, to go to a general mailbox instead of a personal mailbox.
Next they will want them to forward to group, I’m sure…


[quote=“Mike_L, post:1, topic:51511”
dialed from the IVR,

The system cant distinguish between unanswered IVR calls to internal calls. You need to create some magic inside the system to differentiate the extensions that do not forward in the whitelist of that extension.


Internal calls could go to the same mailbox.


On the extension that you don’t want mail disable the voicemail in the extension setting and then go to the feature setting and put CFNA to the same new location as the other extension that don’t have mail.
This could be a extension that is not active - registered on the UCM then change the CFA, CFNA, and CFB to the mail of that phantom extension. Set up a key on all extensions with that phantom extension so they can get vmail lamp and login to get messages.

If the phantom extension doesn’t work send all to a voicemail group 6600 with the list of non vmail extensions.