Follow me system message


Hi, everybody,

If you activate follow me on an extension, you will hear the system message before performing the search.
I guess you can’t “edit” this message, can you “disable” it ?

Thank you,


No, you can change record to 1s silence which “disable” it.
Voice prompt.


Hi Marcin,
are we talking about the same thing?
According to the screen below, where do I record the prompt you say?


VOICE PROMPT ! It is internal record after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Marcin,
maybe I misspoke.
In your image you indicate “add voice prompt package”, you probably created a custom language file in “Polish” and have it taken over. I’ve never done this, I guess I have to read “ucm_voiceprompt_customization_guide”.
am I right?


Yes, you need replace original voice with silence.
Best listen this in English and find name, then upload your language set with silence file instead of voice.


ok thanks, then I’ll try, don’t run away I’ll ask you :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Marcin arcin,
It’s not that simple, but I’ve managed it. I’ll ask you two questions if I can:

  • obviously in the languages I choose “italiano_new” created by me, UCM at that point uses in all cases “italiano” original and “italiano_new” only in the case of the new files I have inserted, correct?
  • do you usually convert them to wav or gsm as recommended?

  1. Yes, but you must select this as your default file.
  2. both ? waw most often


is set as default, and I normally use wav files as well.



Anyway i wish there was option to stop it, nobody want this stupid message anyway.


running into that right now on my temp resolution !!

If they decide to keep this instead of fixing call forwarding then I too will try out this fix