Follow Me per Schedule


Hello All,

Is it possible to have follow me active per a schedule? Customer only wants his cell to ring between 8am and 8pm, I can’t see an option for this.

All I can see in Follow me is more or less on or off.




I have enhancement request in for this one for quite a while. Suggest you open a ticket to add support for this request.


Hello All,

I spoke with @drostoker today, we came up with a solution (more of a duct tape hack) for this.

  1. Setup a second extension for the user. This extension will never have a phone registered to it.
  2. On this extension, setup the specific time you want the calls forwarded to the cell phone.
  3. Setup “Ring Simultaneously” with the “Time Condition for Ring Simultaneously”, selecting your option from the drop down.
  4. Go back to the actual user extension.
  5. Turn on Follow Me.
  6. Use the second extension number instead of the cell phone number.

More or less anyway.