Flooding call


There are extensions that are dialing 16 digits number, even there is no one controlling those extension, we connect our pbx to internet net and cpu usage is 100% is it some kind of hacking that someone is get into our network and flooding? is there someone encounters this issue cuz it’s kinda wierd


Lots of possible problems.

Don’t use standard SIP port 5060.
Is your firewall setup correctly?
It’s fail 2 ban active?

I’m not GS support but I’m free for a call if you need/want.


I try it now, thank you will update you later


It works, thank you very much for your help


You’re welcome.


you are prey of the Hackers, immediately change all the system and internal pswd and put the NAT rules on the firewall with the ACLs


it’s okay now damiano thanks hacker really getting in

hee hee


It could be Damiano70 trying to get likes and fixes from the forum :wink:


That’s right, you found out, now I have to change tactics :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please.


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