First time boot / long boot time


After unpacking device and on initial boot process, device had like three cycles of powering. It took almost ten minutes to turn LED screen on. My initial thought was that device was broken.
(btw, LED screen is awsome and really useful).
Later on, every time devices boots quickly. I can’t reproduce this again.


Well, it can be reproduced on our test unit. If we leave unit off for two days, next time power supply is connected, it takes more than 4 minutes to become opeartional. I can send a video of screen during boot process if neccesary.


Thanks for your testing, mveselic.

We will try to reporduce the issue and look at it.
If anyone else who has the same problem see this topic, please help to comment here.
I wonder if this is common among beta units.


NO problem here.


No problem here either. First boot after receiving item was normal.


No problem.