First Impression-YMMV


I just got my unit on Thursday. I have to say that this thing is very aesthetically pleasing. It feels good in the hand. I hooked it into my 6202 today to make it my daily driver. The web interface is very sleek and setup was a breeze.

Here’s one thing I don’t understand. We’re using microusb for the charging port. I’m wondering if this keeps the cost down? USB C would be great or even PoE on the charging base. Are these things that may come or do the raise the price to a level we’re not looking for in this product?


Since it’s just a charging base only, why would someone waste a POE port for such a thing…

And I would think it’s MicroUSB to match all the other devices that use it (the ATAs and the DECT handsets). Although I agree the ATAs should support POE, but I would never waste a POE port for simply a charging station and I can’t imagine anyone else would be so wasteful either.



Thanks for the feedback. We are curious why you prefer to have USB C. Is it for the possibility of faster charging? Cost is definitely something we consider but also practicality. We think PoE for the charging cradle is certainly a wild consideration.


Agreed, though, in fairness, it might be a way to mass-program them - they’re on the network at that point (before they’ve been given WiFi info). I still don’t see wasting a PoE port just to power the device, but certainly a possibility for initial config…


Because very soon it will be in all mobile phones (2+ year max).
Fast charging is not needed but it could be great :>
We still not have price so it is hard to say change is expensive or not :stuck_out_tongue:


Your customers are different than ours. Many of our customers have asked for a wifi phone. Most have not. Many of the ones that asked for a wifi phone want it to be portable. Many do not. In other words, we see the following main types of customers, in order of decreasing popularity:

  1. Those that want a wired desktop phone
  2. That that want a wifi desktop phone
  3. Those that want a portable DECT phone
  4. Those that want a portable wifi phone

We see no indication that this will change substantially over time.

While we can certainly sell a lot of WP800s, we will sell substantially more GXP21XX model phones. Everyone’s customers are different.


I think the charger should match the excellent quality of the phone better. I also think base could use a little more weight.