First 10sec of outgoing call not understandable



GXP1625 phone and UCM6208 fw latest)

I got a strange problem. When we call outbound the callee doesn’t understand anything we say. After 8 to 10sec voice returns to normal according the callee. I’ve searched quite a lot on this but can’t find any cause. All help is greatly appreciated.

PS We only have ip trunks, nothing analog.

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Hard to say without seeing a capture of a call and not knowing anything about the setup. The best I can suggest at the moment is to look at the trunk and phone/extension codec settings and to remove all that are not used. As you show to be in the EMEA area, you would normally use PCMA/g711a and g729. In any event, remove all that are unneeded and put them in the same order on all devices. A capture would help immensely.



Thx for your reply.
Just noticed if I route outbound calls over another trunk, the issue doesn’t seem to exist. Checked the selected codec’s on both trunks, both have the correct ones selected. This really seems a trunk problem though the trunk provider says I’m the only one with this issue :slight_smile:

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set the 711 a / u codec only on both the trunk and all the extensions


thx, but both were set already.


In case someone experiencing the same, it was fixed by increasing the Jitter buffer.

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This means you have a problem with network.


Yeah, I know it’s strange. PBX is in a datacenter, having plenty of bandwith and is not NAT’ted. We never have issues with this in internal calls. Only when we go over the trunk.

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