Firmware upgrade doesn't work



we have 2 GXP2140 running FW and need to upgrade them for the VPN (TLS security). We tried to go with as well with latest, tftp as well as http, local servers (tftp64 and tiny server for windows one) dnsmasq tftp and nginx on 3 different linux servers outside the lan, all failed. Even brings nothing !

If someone had an idea on how to solve this, would be great.

PS: upgrade is done using remote connection, we don’t know if there is some informations on the phone screen.



What type of VPN are you referring to?
GXP2140 latest FW is, if it doesn’t meet the requirement you ask, you can
open a ticket to Grandstream Support


Hi damiano70

I refer to the OpenVPN client included in GS fw.


May I know which voip server you use?


Asterisk. Anyway, I found: a network problem reset the download of FW but after 4,5, 6 … attempt it goes through and with VPN it’s now OK.

I try to update one phone to but now I can’t connect anymore in the WEB gui, admin password is refused :frowning: admin as password is not accepted too. Is it a known problem ?


There are no known issues that I know of, but you need to ask Grandstream Assistance
I advise you to do a format factory from SSH, then update the FW then do a format factory again,

always refer to Grandstream Support