Firmware upgrade date


Is there a button on the base to reset it? I tried with the GUI but it didn’t seem to work. I was able to reset the handset from one of its menu choices…


I got it to reset with the GUI finally. Tried just to put in the FW stuff and no joy yet. Maybe as someone said it’s not BETA anymore so I should try removing that from the path? Nothing to lose…
#$T?@ !! When I removed the BETA, Status/System Info said FW WASAVAILABLE! Yip!


Yes, is not BETA firmware anymore, it moved to official a week ago. so
Official firmware:
Beta firmware:
If you capture a Syslog log, you will find information like “” file does not exist.


in case you need it in other situation.

To factory reset, just hold the page button until all LED flashes. (about 30 seconds)