Firmware upgrade date


Ay idea when to expect a firmware update so we can text before the end of testing?


Yeah, I had the same question.


Me too. So many official responses are “works on the internal firmware” but no release schedule, and no details on how to update once it’s there.

The GS rep has also refused to distribute a firmware file of the current version in case we try to apply it to a 750… so I’m not sure how the heck to update it… my voice network is a walled garden/sandbox with no public web access, so this is going to be weird.


Because they do not know. Dev prepare firmware and engineer test it. But if they find bug it return to dev.
I’m sure there is plenty version, but nothing worth as beta firmware.


We are hoping the firmware update is released before the end of testing


Any word on the firmware update, so we can test before the close of testing?


We just released FW as beta today, which is the first official release for DP752/DP730, please check:

and use to upgrade FW.

We haven’t added the DP752/DP730 web page to our website because it have not officially launched yet. The launch date is pretty soon.

Thank you for all your feedbacks


In the post it is specified only for DP750/720/760.

Not the DP752/730.


the patch notes explicitly state 752/730 however.


to check: beyond, wiil handset firmware be auto-upgradable from the base? we’d prefer as little customer involvement possible during upgrades…


The handset firmware automatic upgrade setting on DP75x Web will always take effect for DP730.
The handset firmware automatic upgrade setting on DP75x Web will be ignored JUST ONCE and ONLY for DP720 when upgrade from to After upgraded to, this setting will always take effect properly.


We just upgraded both the base and handset. Everything went as expected (upgrading from An everything is showing the new firmware version


I put in the path in my web GUI and “Always check for new Firmware” and set Automatic upgrade Yes every 60 minutes since that was the lowest value accepted (I wish there was a “Do it NOW” option) saved and applied then power-cycled the base and it’s not upgrading. Advice/Suggestions anyone? GUI is still showing


that you put HTTP or HTPS in?


The radio button is set to Upgrade via HTTP, and the server path does NOT have http:// in front.


what did you put in “firmware server path” there that you can’t read?

keep in mind that sometimes it takes a few minutes after rebooting for the update to take place


I put

I found out on the Status / System Info page I can do a immediate “Check for New Firmware”. But it says I’m up to date.


I have however also had problems with updating and other (I had to send it back)


Do you think I could find out more about what’s (not) happening by turning on and looking at syslogs?


if not a problem do the factory reset and then do the new fw update, however you think you’d see it from the log