Firmware for UCM6104 V1.6A


Do you offer firmware downloads for other versions? I’m looking for version 1.0.10.* so I can revert if the firmware upgrade process fails.


1.0.10.xx !? You’d be reverting to the dark ages.

Besides, at least once, I’ve seen firmware that states, you will not be able to revert to older firmware after this upgrade. I think the last time I saw that was in the 1.0.15.xx range. I know that’s happened, I have no clear memory how far back you could go from the latest firmware.

Also, around the 1.0.15.xx update, there was a major security patch. Again, I don’t remember the specific firmware version where that happened.


I have them all if needed, but I believe GS does too.

On the website when you click on the link for it will give links for every firmware back to 1.0.9.x


I upgraded to the newest firmware and cannot access the admin page. What’s the process of restoring the firmware if the web page interface is not available?

Edit: I just needed to turn it off and on again


So, the issue was solved?


The instructions mention upgrading to each intermediate version. I’ll report back tomorrow if there are issues. I have to do this work before normal business hours and ran out of time today.